Finding an Affordable Disneyworld

What’s that? You wish there was a way Disneyworld could actually be reasonable? Believe it or not, it is more affordable then you may think! Here are some ways to save lots of cash while at Disneyworld:

 Travel  during the off season. I realize that with having kids in school this can become pretty hard to do (though you can justify taking them out by pitching the trip to Disney as an educational trip).  Traveling  during the “off” season can save you so much money. You also need to remember that the “off” season isn’t that much of an “off” season. Florida is still pretty warm during the winter!

Make sure you are clever and careful with your food costs. You can eat breakfast in the hotel, and then pack lunches and take them into the park with you. Disney allows you to bring your own backpacks, you don’t even have to sneak it in! We saved so much money doing this. Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on souviners? Once you eat your meals, that money is gone, souviners are forever!

Make absolutely sure to find every available discount and coupon. You can always count on there being discounts somewhere, you just have to look for them. The internet is a great help with this. We were fortunate enough to buy our park tickets at a nice discount at a local grocery store right in Orlando.

Try not to purchase souviners throughout your trip, do it all at the end. Walt Disneyworld is one magical place, and it can be hard not to buy everything you see. You don’t want to end up coming home wishing you had a bit more left in your wallet. Waiting until your last day at the park to buy your souviners helps you make a much better decision of what you want, since you have had time to see everything.

I hope that my tips help you enjoy a very affordable Disneyworld!