What Is Backpacker Travel Insurance?

 Backpacker   travel  insurance is not something that many people ever think about or even know exists. If you like to backpack frequently or are planning a vacation around outdoors and backpacking activities, you should consider whether you need this type of insurance or not. Here is some additional information about  travel  insurance for  backpackers . The […]

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Many people choose to take a gap year after finishing university in order to  travel  around the the world to visit exotic locations that are off the beaten track. These back packing trips give young people the opportunity to get a taste of foreign cultures and use their time to see sights that they may […]

Backpacker Travel Insurance

What is a  backpacker   travel  insurance?  Backpacker   travel  insurance is not the same as annual holiday insurance, this is mistake many young travelers make when purchasing insurance. Annual holiday insurance is designed for your average holiday maker, who goes abroad a couple of times a year usually for a week or two at a time, […]

Backpacker Travel Tips

When backpacking around Europe (or any part of the world) here are a couple of tips that I found useful: 1. Lay out everything you need for your trip and then reduce by about half!! One of the first mistakes that many travellers make is taking too much on their trip. It’s important to remember […]

Backpacker Travel Insurance

Backpacking is different from a regular trip in so many ways and that’s why its essential that backpacker travel insurance should be purchased before you travel. It tends to one of the main things that people forget and they may end up regretting it. There are just so many potential hazards with your trip! Firstly, […]