San juan Chamula es un comunidad Tzotzil que se encuentra ubicada en San Cristóbal de las casas,Chiaps, de un origen prehispánico, si deseas viajar por misticismo mágico, San Juan Chamula sin dudarlo es el lugar indicado, un lugar que te llenara de emociones inolvidables en donde su carnaval es de impresionante realismo y tradición, que se lleva a cabo durante cinco días representando los días que se perdieron del calendario maya Gregoriano durante el mes de Febrero, la fecha es variable.

Un lugar muy peculiar dentro de la comunidad es la iglesia, cuyo interior es de estilo colonial, no tiene bancas para poder sentarse, los habitantes hacen sus oraciones de rodillas, con un estilo de creencias religiosas de origen prehispánico, la decoración de la iglesia se basa principalmente por la decoración de velas con diferentes tamaños y colores, las imágenes de los santos tienen colgados espejos, que para ellos tiene como significado reflejar la maldad.

Anualmente realizan peregrinaciones en honor a las santas patronas de la comunidad, Santa Marta y Magdalena. El 24 de Junio es una fecha de gran importancia ya que en ese dia se celbra al santo, San juan bautista.

Otro sitio muy peculiar es el cementerio donde las tumbas no tienen lapidas y las cruces son de colores, existe la teoría de que algunas tumbas son más antiguas a la llegada de los españoles y que el significado de las cruces no son cristianas, representan la cruz maya.


What You Should Know About Backpacking Insurance

People usually go backpacking for one reason or another. For some, it has to do with an experience they want in life. On the other hand, some find it a cheap and easy way to do something different. Regardless of the reason,  Backpacker   travel  insurance is available according to your situation and budget.

Often, when someone is on a budget or do not have a lot of money, this can put them at more of a risk for injury than others. Many times, this has to do with them thinking that  travel  insurance is a waste or something they do not need. However, this tends to be one of the furthest things from the truth.

All too often, people have the misconception that “it cannot happen to me.” Then it does. By that time, it becomes too late, which can lead to large bills in addition to other problems. Therefore, it is essential to always ensure that you are insured during the time that you are on the road. It is better to always live according to you never know, rather than “it won’t happen to me.”

In most cases, it is possible to get  Backpacker   travel  insurance even cheaper than what you would pay for  Travel  insurance. One of the reasons for this, relates to the way that the  backpacker  insurance policy gives you the option to buy it according to different ranges of time. Generally this range between one week to two years.

In addition, it has a larger range of special types of coverage which is offered as well. Some of this includes such options as sports protection in addition to skiing, as well as other types of things that you may need coverage on throughout the time you are vacationing.

Some of the top reasons that you should have  Backpacker   travel  insurance, has to do with how most of the policies have coverage for things such as emergency medical coverage. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being turned down for medical coverage during the time that you need medical treatment. In addition, many of them offer things such as protection from having your money stolen or lost. This way, you are not left without any money. Instead, you will usually receive a small amount for the time being.

Some of the other advantages that come with many of the  Backpacker   travel  insurance policies that are out there, relates to the coverage on your baggage and other possessions. Some will actually go even as far as to compensate you in the case that your flight is delayed or you end up having to cancel your trip due to something unexpected happening.

In any case, you should always inform your insurer in relation to the full details of what you are expecting to do with your vacation. In some cases, leaving something out can lead to the cancellation of your policy or they can decide not to pay for one of the claims that you make.

Travel Backpacks – Finding the Right One for You

Walk through the airport. Every year we see a new type of luggage or a new invention to make it easier for travelers to carry the bag around. No matter where you are traveling or how you do it there are backpacks and luggage out there that will fill your needs. They have invented luggage and backpacks for laptops, students, military, trekking, toddlers, children and professionals. Here we will discuss a new type of luggage…one that again is making it more convenient for you to travel anywhere you need to go. It is called the travel backpack.

There is no doubt about it travel backpacks have hit the market. This type of luggage is made specifically to help people pull or carry their bags anywhere they want to go. The travel backpack is really a combination of a suitcase and a backpack that creates a new piece of luggage that can carry just as much cargo as any other type of suitcase, but with more options. You can wheel it, carry it one handed like a suitcase, or wear it on your back like a backpack.

Travel backpacks are made for everyone these days. From children, military, youth, professionals, college students or just the average traveler. For the children and toddlers there are themed backpacks for those kids that want a backpack with their favorite cartoon character. College students can find ones that are in style and hip. For military and campers you can find durable outdoor backpacks that will weather the storm. Last but not least they now have travel backpacks for the business professional to formal business meetings. They also have backpacks that double as duffel bags that can be used for overnight bags or suitcases to lug anywhere you go.

Of course they will vary in prices. Most of the time you will get what you pay for. I am a fan of quality when I travel. I have used the cheap discount luggage and the high quality more expensive luggage. From my experience there many times when traveling can be a lot of stress. I do whatever I can to minimize the stress so I prefer a bag that will not give me any difficulties when I travel. Good quality will always trump price for me. Nothing is worse than having a zipper break in a piece of luggage and you have to find new luggage when traveling. Enjoy your travels and your new travel backpack.

Travel Clocks: The Backpacker’s Must Have Travel Accessory

When you’re traveling to another country there’s nothing like a few comforting touches of home. One of the easiest things to slide into your backpack is a travel clock. Before you get your passport stamped, make sure you stop by a travel store or an outdoor sports store to pick up a travel clock. Once you’re off on your travels you’ll be happy you did.

Now you may be thinking, “I’m going back packing. I’ll be on my own time. No schedules, free as a bird!!!” Once you’re on the road for a few days you’ll learn that this is not the truth to backpacking.

Starting with the beginning of the trip, you’ll have to be aware of flight plans and once you get to Europe you’ll have a crash course in train schedules. Keeping track of what time it is so you can make it to your next destination becomes a part of the every day backpacking experience.

The other thing that you may have overlooked are the check-in times for those cheap, but effective hostels that you want to stay in so you can save your money for other, more adventurous things. Most hostels have an early, set time for check in and if you miss that time, you are not only out of time, but also out of luck.

So now that you understand the need for a travel clock on your European vacation, it’s time to learn about some of the other bells and whistles available in these little, sleek travel companions. Not only do they keep the time where you are, but many come with world clocks that tell you what time it is anywhere in the world. This will deter the amount of accidental phone calls home to Mom and Dad at 4am when you thought it was 4pm.

Unsure about the currency exchange in Greece? If you’ve selected the right travel clock, it will come with a quick currency exchange feature. This feature can help you from getting ripped off buying baklava or from paying too little on that shot of Ouzo.

If you’re into more rugged travels, consider a weather resistant travel clock that you can attach to your backpack just like a carabineer and carry with you everywhere. It may not have all of the features as stated above, but they’re sure to last through your entire trip.

Consider the time and money that can be saved on your next trip by bringing along a travel clock. Choose the one that works for you and get on with the trip!

How to Buy Travel Backpacks for Men

Choosing the correct  travel  backpack for your vacation is crucial. Should you buy the improper size or style of pack, you will certainly regret your decision, if not ruin your trip. Get the right backpack, and you’ll own a trusted  travel  companion that will survive for years. In this article, you’ll discover how to choose the right  travel  packs for guys.

Look at the dimensions of the bag. You should get a bag that could be a carry on during flights. Most airlines demand that carry on packs be no greater than forty-five linear inches (length + width + height). Ordinarily, carry on packs are 22″ x 14″ x 9″. Buying a carry on bag ensures that you can carry it on you during your flight. This is important because checked baggage is regularly broken or misplaced. Additionally, when you only bring carry on luggage, you can escape the airport faster. As a busy guy, you understand how bothersome delays at the airport are.

Whether you’re a mess or neat, a front-loading backpack will keep you more organized. Most backpacks open from the top. If you use a top-loading bag, you’ll have to unpack all of your stuff to get to the stuff at the bottom of your bag. Alternatively, buy a front-loading pack, which swings open like a suitcase. Everything will be organized and effortless to grab. Want to quickly reach your swimsuit and dart off to the beach? Easy.

Most importantly, you want a backpack that’s comfortable. Even though you won’t be hiking through the great outdoors with your bag, you will be standing in airport security lines and walking across the city to your hotel. If your bag isn’t comfy, you won’t use it. Don’t waste your cash, choose a bag that’s comfortable on your back.

At the very least, the straps and back panel should have thick padding to soften the weight of your pack. Definitely give the pack a trial wear before you buy it. For optimal weight distribution, the bag needs a cushioned belt. Cinching the waist belt will take the weight off of your back and spread it to your hips. Plenty of guys think that the belt looks dorky and won’t wear it. Not many guys understand the health benefits of using the belt to prevent back, neck, and shoulder strain.

When choosing a mens  travel  backpack, select a bag that’s carry on sized, loads from the front, and is comfy on your back. Many packs are made of inexpensive fabric and aren’t durable. Invest in a high quality piece of luggage, and you’ll be able to fly around the world without worrying about your bag.

Backpacker Insurance – For Travel Lovers

Life gets monotonous if we don’t take care of few minor things to shape our life. We follow a regular routine. The last thought that comes in our mind before going to bed is to get up early the next day and go to work. We never think of having a sound sleep or about beautiful dreams. There are always burden of future on us. There are rare moments which we live only for us. So why not to take some time out of our busy schedule for ourselves?

There are end numbers of beautiful places to explore in this world. If we plan a vacation every year then we can’t visit every place.  Backpacker  insurance provides us a platform to explore the world with their various offers and plans. Planning is the most difficult thing to do and the most frustrating if we fail to implement them.  Traveling  always carries a risk factor with it. We look for adventure, excitement but we forget to get our  traveling  plans insure.

The day we buy a new car or a new house we buy car rent insurance or house rent insurance then why we avoid  backpacker  insurance? Uncertainties are never invited, they ring the door bell without invitation.  Traveling  ends with various memories that we cherish for all our life so we must always ensure that things don’t go out of hands. When we plan to  travel  to a unknown place then there should be something or someone who can take care of us if we land in any sort of trouble.

While buying an insurance policy we need to take care of few things like informing our plan to insurance company well in advance. They provide medical coverage if we fall ill during the  traveling  period. There is reimbursement provided if we lose our luggage. We have to take care that if anything wrong happens we must immediately inform to our insurance company.

Benefits of Getting a Backpacker Travel Insurance Cover

If you are planning to go for a journey in any part of the world anytime soon, then, it’s important that you get a  backpacker   travel  insurance before hitting the road. This insurance cover also applies to those who would wish to have an extended vacation in a new region. At very low and affordable rates, one can be assured of a safe  travel . The importance of having the cover is to enable you get the special care you deserve in case of a hazard or accident. More so, there are benefits of these as listed below:

• Once one gets the insurance, they are availed with an all around the clock emergency assistance in case of an accident.

• It also covers all types of medical expenses which may be faced during your  backpacker   travels . Personal accidents are also included within the policy. The insurance is highly flexible in that one can choose what they want covered and for how long. Upon one’s wish, it may as well be cancelled.

• Even if one gets to take the insurance for  backpackers  during their  travels , it can further be extended for longer periods. One can continue enjoying these benefits fro up to one and a half year. Before due, if one wishes, they can have it extended.

• Optional cover is also availed for participation in other sporting events or any other co-curricular activities. Of these, 50 are covered for free. These include scuba diving and skiing among many others.

• The insurance cover is highly affordable for all. With even under 11 pounds one can be covered – health has never been this cheap. Although the cover is for a limited period, one can get an extension if they wish to extend their  travels .

Get Accompanied By Any Bangalore Female Escorts To Your Reunion Party

Summary: Take a beautiful and smart girl from the Bangalore Female Escorts agencies to your school reunion party and impress your friends.

There are many beautiful young girls that are working as an escort in all the big cities. Some of these girls work full time with agencies while others who are studying or have a day job prefer to work as a part-time independent escort. These girls will give you their undivided attention for the time they are with you and will make you forget all your worries. So if you are alone in the city, you can use their services.

About The Escorts

You can talk with an escort for even simple things that you may want to share with another human being who is compassionate enough to understand you. It is a popular misconception that escorts are only hired for high profile events. Bangalore Escort Service There are so many people who hire escort services to just spend some personal time, so you do not need to be a businessman or a millionaire to hire an escort service. No matter what your requirements are, they are always there for you to make sure you do not feel alone.

When In The City

Many people get jobs abroad and are only in the city if they are visiting family or for their school reunions. It is obvious that these reunions are for couples, and you will not be allowed without a companion. But after staying away from the city for years it is virtually impossible to find a friend who will be willing to go with you to your reunion party. Any of the Escorts In Bangalore will help you out in a situation like this even at short notice.

Call The Agency

All you have to do is call any escort agency and ask them for someone who can accompany you for an evening to a party. They will contact you shortly after going through the schedules of their escorts and let you know who can be your companion for the party. In case you have a preference for the appearance or personality of the escort, you can specify it to the agency manager. The manager will make sure you get to spend the evening with the right person. So just call these Bangalore Escorts and enjoy a party with your friends and take a walk down the memory lane with a beautiful and smart young girl.

Visiting Backpackers For Backpacking Enthusiasts

There are a lot of hobbies out there that are promoting good health. They are also getting families involved in sports such as skiing, backpacking, kayaking and many others. Backpacking in particular is becoming very popular for the frequent traveler.

Like the other modes of  travel , it has a publication dedicated to it in print and online. The  backpackers  website will be highlighted in this article giving you insight into the world of backpacking and all that accompanies it.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of backpacking,  traveling  and adventure; “ Backpackers ” has something for everyone no matter what your experience. The site is readily available for you during your  travels  or in your home office. This site offers a forum for  backpackers  to communicate with each other and enjoy one another’s adventures.

There is also a blog that gives you good quality tidbits about this recreation activity, as well as a blog that is filled with information about it and up and coming trips and gatherings that are made for those who have a love for backpacking. Whether it is the blog or the forum that catches your eye on this website, you can be sure to find what you are looking for and perhaps come in contact with other individuals with a love for backpacking.

Before you begin your backpacking  travels  you will have to make sure you have all of the proper backpacking equipment. “ Backpackers ” is a wonderful resource for all things having to do with gear. This site offers many different types of backpacking gear that you will need when taking your trip. There is also the Airtreks Tripplanner, which allows you to plan your destination route while sitting at home day dreaming about the trip that you are planning to take.

Knowing where to turn to find information on your favorite interests can be a huge help. “ Backpackers ” offers an abundance of information for those who are interested in this recreational activity and backpacking information. You can find information on gear, hostels and even flight information if you are looking to  travel  a far distance.

Not sure where the next big backpacking gathering is going to be held? Most likely that information will be posted on the blog that is available on this website. Whether you are an avid  backpacker  or someone who has never even seen their gear before, this site can give you up-to-date information and help to make your trip planning much easier.

Seven of the Strangest Travel Insurance Claims

You understand that  travel  insurance will cover you if something unfortunate happens while you are overseas – if you have a heart attack, if your hotel burns down with your suitcases in it, or if your rental car is stolen, insurance will probably take care of it.  Travel  insurance will cover your return trip if your hotel ends up being infested by fleas, and will cover you for goats eating your identity documents. However, some odd  travel  insurance claims must be rejected. We were going to list the top 4, but found there were just too many hilarious  travel  – insurance claims to stop there.

1. Monkey madness

A couple staying in Malaysia left the window of their chalet open when they went out, and returned to find that monkeys had entered and stolen many of their clothes and personal belongings… only to leave them lying around the adjacent jungle. The claim was paid.

2. Sick of the sea

An elderly gentleman on a cruise ship suffered from some terrible seasickness. He was vomiting over the side, minding his own business when his false teeth came out of his mouth and splashed into a watery grave. He claimed the cost of replacement teeth on his  travel  insurance, and the claim was paid.

3. Toupee, or not toupee?

A man chatting to his friends on the beach lost several hundred pounds worth of something in a gust of wind… his custom made toupee. These can be pricey – it was at least worth the cost of the £50 excess on his policy.

4. Travellers are coco-nuts

A  travel  insurance company in the UK known as Direct Line received a claim for two coconuts lost during  travel , costing 69p each from ordinary UK supermarkets. If the claim hadn’t been rejected, the couple would have paid the first £50 of any claims on their insurance.

5. This guitar is a lemon

Direct Line has its fair share of odd  travel  insurance claims, once receiving a claim for a guitar made out of a pumpkin. The claim was rejected, perhaps on the basis of confusing information.

6. A goat’s idea of Black Forest cake

A family staying the Black Forest in Germany in a chalet left the door open, and came home to find that wild goats living in the forest had come in and eaten their wallets and passports. This claim was rejected, despite being quite similar to the one in Malaysia which was approved.

7. Is it a bird?

A family camping in a remote area of Wales had some fair costs incurred on them by a stray parachutist that landed on their tent, destroying their camping equipment. The family did not have accidental damage cover as part of their  travel  insurance, so footed the bill.